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Make 2024 Your Herbal Year!


  • Are you ready to fill your medicine cabinet with potent herbal remedies? 
  • Are you ready to have personal guidance (rather than sifting through endless BS online)?
  • If so, please join us! 
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The Rooted Medicine Circle mini course shows you how to

make herbal remedies that you can confidently rely on

(YES, it's FREE, and loaded with information 

you can put to use immediately)


We take email privacy seriously. We put your email in a vault protected by large patches of stinging nettle. 




This FREE class is packed with herbal goodies! 


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  • Avoid 7 common herbal pitfalls so that you can make powerful remedies that heal
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Live Tea Class
  • Make high-quality herbal teas (that people will actually drink) and know when to use them
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  • Connect with other herb lovers in the mini course community

By the end of the mini course, you’ll know where to start with herbs 

or how to take your herbal skills to the next level


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We still take your email privacy seriously. In addition to hiding your email within a stinging nettle patch we also set up traps of scalding wormwood tea.




Hi! We're Emily and Rosalee and we're passionate about 

turning the herbal curious into confident herbalists. 


We look forward to seeing you in the Rooted Medicine Circle Mini Course!


Questions? Contact us at [email protected]



Still not sure if it's worth your time? 

Here's what previous students have said...


“Great class I loved the complementary energy you both had it was like I was in the same room with you. I learnt a lot and made lots of notes. My biggest learning was the importance of experimenting shown by you both in the difference in colour, smell and taste and being present with that moment of observation. I easily could have spent more hours in your classroom. ”


“What a lovely way to spend Saturday afternoon on a cold winter’s day. Thank you so much Rosalee and Emily!”


“I feel more confident about my herbal practice now that I have a community.”


“Was wondering about spending precious time watching a video about how to make tea.... So I watched it while making dinner yesterday..... How to put all of that into words????? Beautiful, ladies! Thank you!”


“Thank you for sharing this tea making lesson. I love the visual of the comparison of the strong vs. Gentle cup of tea.”